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   It all started in our home kitchen with friends and family in 2014. With the creation of the first original CNS sauce, an experimentation of spices and tastes was followed by the richly delectable Coconut Flavor, best enjoyed with fresh clams or mussels. Our Hawaiian Flavor was also a winning hit created for individuals who loves a sweet and tangy kick in their seafood. By the end of 2014, our Crab N Spice restaurant journey has begun. And the rest, as they say, is history. What first began in our home as a family-favorite is now best known today as the home of the original and the only CNS sauce, a symphony of crazy good flavors enjoyed and loved in all of our restaurant branches in California. In the process of building the first CNS location in Ventura, the All-In Flavor and CNS Lemon Garlic Flavor was then added to our growing menu along with our popular and highly-requested Garlic Noodles. The unique and delicious menu coupled with our outstanding staff and customer service is what we are proud of in CNS.

   We have also partnered with trusted and highly reputable food suppliers, Sysco and US Food, to ensure that we meet only the highest standards of quality across the board. Our goal is not to only provide the freshest, tastiest seafood and flavors to our customers but to stand out and be different among the other same-concept seafood restaurants. That concept of seafood glory with our unique and savoury sauces that is entirely different from our competitors is what CNS is all about. Now we are on a mission to expand our reach as we open more locations. From Ventura, we opened our second location in Palmdale, CA in 2017. Soon it will be open for franchise opportunities as we bring our plan to expand our reach and bring out Crab Nā€™ Spice to more people by making it affordable to franchise the brand. The family-owned restaurant will be accessible to more patrons, more tastebuds as the brand grows even bigger, creating better flavors with better ingredients, while continuing the tradition of putting quality and satisfaction first and foremost, the CNS way.

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Tanya S.


Me and the boyfriend had our eyes on this place for a while and we finally tried it out!!! Let me start by saying the best dinner date in a while!!! The food was amazing especially the crab legs!!! Keep in mind it does get a little messy haha but super fun will definitely be back!!!!

Rita A.


Was in the area and spotted this place a few months ago. Decided to ive it a try. I am not a fan of any type of noodle but the garlic noodles here almost had me order my own serving. Yes since visiting I have considered stopping by just for a noodle fix. Okay on to the seafood the offering is like the standard seafood in a bag restaurants but they offer a Hawaiian seasoning. I was not in the mood to experiment maybe next time. I was a little let down because I wanted a shrimp and fries basket only they were out of shrimp. All in all my visit was great and our server was on top of things. We were seated, drink order taken and next the food order....she was the best server I have had in awhile. I will be back for my shrimp and fries basket.

Mercy M.


Tonight, my belly rules my mind. šŸ˜‹ I had the yummy shrimp and mussels combo with their crab n spice seasoning and the very tasty garlic noodles. John had cod fish and chips. He loved it! We'll come back and bring friends! The owners, Marlon and Jerrico, are the best! šŸ‘šŸ½šŸ˜Š Will definitely recommend this restaurant to family and friends! #happyplace #downanddirty #lovethemspicy

Marylove G.


Our family stopped by after a day at the beach. We LOVED it! The service was amazing and the food....oh, the food! Super fresh and very reasonably priced. My new favorite spot for sure. We will be back again.