About us

It was 2015 when Crab N’ Spice opened their first location in Ventura, California with the goal to dominate restaurants of the same concept. That concept of seafood glory with their unique sauces that are entirely different from their competitors. Now they are on a mission to expand their reach as they open more locations. The second location was opened in Palmdale, California in 2017 and there are more plans to open in San Fernando Valley and Orange County. Soon it will be open for franchise opportunities as they plan to achieve to mission of bringing out Crab N’ Spice to more people by making it affordable to franchise the brand. The family owned restaurant will be accessible to more taste buds as the brand grows even bigger creating better flavors with better ingredients.

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     40008 10TH ST WEST, SUITE A PALMDALE, CA 93551

  (805) 535-4363 (VENTURA)
      (661) 267-1599 (PALMDALE)